The Railway Industry in Germany

The German Railway Industry Association (VDB) unites the manufacturers of all products for the railway operation – i.e. manufacturers of vehicles, control and safety technologies, infrastructure as well as the suppliers and service companies belonging to them – under its roof.

VDB organises the expert exchange of experiences of the members and bundles the interests of the branch. What will become more and more important for the future and has already been important so far, is the representation of interests towards politics, customers, media, financial institutions and other associations – both nationally and internationally.

In addition to that VDB is engaged in a fair and cooperative business relation between the system houses and the supplying industry. All this is strengthening the association and thus the whole railway industry. It is an alliance for a promising future.

Facts and Figures

Structure. The Member's General Assembly is the supreme body of VDB. It appoints VDB's presidium democratically in a grassroots approach. 

VDB President. The President of VDB is Andre Rodenbeck, CEO of Siemens Infrastructure at Siemens Mobility GmbH. Vice-President for Rolling Stock is Jure Mikolčić, CEO of Stadler Deutschland GmbH, Vice-President for Innovation is Dr. Jörg Nikutta, Managing Director at Alstom Transport Deutschland GmbH, Vice-President for SMEs is Andreas Becker, CEO of EPHY-MESS GmbH and Vice-President for Infrastructure Dr. Michael Bernhardt, Managing Director at Rail Power Systems GmbH.

Committees. VDB has about 20 expert panels and working committees, each with a spokesperson from the member companies.

VDB management. The Managing Director is Axel Schuppe.

Headquarters. Berlin

Representative in China. Tianjin (Beijing), Shanghai and Chengdu

Europe. VDB is a member of the European umbrella association UNIFE in Brussels.

Year of foundation. The VDB has existed in its present form since 1991. The seed of the association was the German Locomotive Manufacturers Association which was created in 1877.

German Railway Industry turnover in 2019. 11,7 billion euros

Export figures. In average the German railway industry achieved about 40 percent of its turnover through exports within the last 10 years. It is world leader in many segments.

Investment in research and development. VDB members invest roughly 7 per-cent of their turnover in Research and Development.

Direct employees. Over 54.700 employees contribute to the success of the German Railway Industry.

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