The Expert Committees of the VDB

The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is the advisory and decision-making body for all technical and standard-related questions of rail vehicle construction. Members are the product development managers and chief technology officers of the rail vehicle manufacurers.

The Topical and Working Groups

At present the association is leading and coordinating 18 working groups and technical groups. In addition to the regular meetings there is an “Information Forum of the Railway Industry” that takes place during the annual general meeting. During this forum all working groups and technical groups report on their work in the last year and ongoing projects and developments – therefore this is the expert meeting place of the whole branch.

Working Groups
WG 3D printing
WG Acoustics
WG Freight transportation systems
WG Communication
WG Small and medium-sized enterprises
WG Surface technology
WG Quality and project management
WG Legal issues
WG Standards and regulation - signalling technologiy
WG certification

Topical Groups
TG Command and control, communications and information technology
TG Electrical and airconditioning components
TG Infrastructure
TG Locomotives
TG Passenger vehicles
TG Service
TG Environmental issues

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