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Balance Sheet 2019

All figures before COVID-Crisis.

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The German Railway Industry Association (VDB) took stock of the 2019 financial year: At EUR 11.7 billion, sales fell by 2.5 percent compared to the previous year, but remained at the excellent level of the past financial years. According to VDB, the slight decline is also due to the natural volatility of the market.

An increase in the number of employees up to 53,700 employees stands for the industry’s sustainability. In 2019, export sales fell by 6.8 percent to EUR 4.1 billion. Regarding incoming orders, international business clouds the balance sheet. While the order books were very well filled with a total volume of EUR 14.1 billion in 2019, incoming orders from abroad fell by 6.7 percent. According to VDB managing director Dr. Ben Möbius symptom of the increasing isolation of international markets.

In contrast, domestic sales in 2019 remained at the previous year's level at EUR 7.6 billion. The numbers on the home market were very positive, especially in the infrastructure sector. At 65 percent, the vehicle business continued to make up a large part of sales. But the infrastructure sector rose sharply in 2019 with 35 percent of total business. Infrastructure accounted for a volume of EUR 4.1: an increase of 20.6 percent. And in terms of incoming orders, the domestic infrastructure business also increased by 48 percent in 2019. "The rail industry provides more mobility with fewer emissions.

“The good numbers underpin a trend towards clean mobility, which must not stall now," said Möbius.


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